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Alternate solution to Airline name and sub-class update when using Enhanced ITIN

For agents having trouble to send  customised itineraries  using ehanced  itinerary ,if for  speacial calss of  bookings  on those  carriers ,here is a workaorund  :


Click here for  the attached doc for the work-around for Airline Name (e.g. FZ) and sub-class mis-match that you might

encounter while using EI. Please ensure that you have the latest version of EI(available on the portal) running on your machine, before applying the work-around


Inoder to serve you better  travelport  has moved to new location at  Dubai  media city  from  13 May12.
CX /KA Marriage Logic Policy
Message  from Cathay  :

In order to help us to optimally manage CX/KA’s inventory usage, we would like to ask for your kind effort in complying with the Married Segments Control Policy.

Travel agent must not separate Married Segments for any purpose nor manipulate the central reservation system or GDS to circumvent CX/KA Married Segment Control logic.
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