Worldspan Go!™
Travel Technology That Helps You Go Beyond Traveller Expectations

As the travel industry evolves, travelers are more informed – and more demanding. Do you have the right tools to satisfy existing clients, attract new ones, add customer value and increase your competitive edge?

Worldspan Go! makes your agency a perfect match for today’s discerning travelers. It brings the full spectrum of global travel planning and management solutions to your desktop so you can offer the best travel options. Worldspan Go! helps you lower costs, increase productivity, manage private fares, shop low fares, re-price tickets and much more through advanced tools.

Advanced, browser-based desktop technologies backed by the breadth and scope of the Worldspan™ global distribution system (GDS)

Worldspan World Files™ and Worldspan Interactive World Files™: Industry leading traveler profile management solutions

Worldspan Scripts: Timesaving tools that automate complex reservations functions and simplify your operations

Proven global tools to boost your shopping capabilities including Worldspan Car Rental Solutions, Worldspan Hotel Solutions and more

Benefits and features at a glance:
Shop the world’s travel suppliers and vast resources through a customized reservation screen and up to 10 windows in split- or full-screen mode

Work from home, the office or the road – Worldspan Go! is accessible through a secure log-in and password wherever the Internet is available

Take advantage of the full suite of intuitive productivity tools, administration tools and online help

Gain the flexibility to employ your own hardware and choose from several connectivity options

Operate at top efficiency through full integration of your front- and back-office systems